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     World Link Project is carried out in the frame of World links development programme to widen the usage of Information and communication Technologies in the education by the Ministry of Education, Education Technologies General Administration, World Bank Economic Development Enstution and Information System Management Office Presidency. World Link Project for development participated by 25 countries, which is an international project includes our country too. After starting this project which has been carried out at 22 schools in 15 cities as a pilot applied since September 1998 was completed expansion step by means of lost participation of 38 schools in 48 cities. It was reached 105 school in cities

      This project also included our school Anatolian and Trade High School.


       The general  aim of world link Project

1)      To come together teachers and students from different countries in the world in the world of internet

-         To improve common learning methods

-         To realize cooperation dependent, based on project, student oriented learning activities

2)      This project is pedagogical innovation programmed it used communation and information technology to improve the teaching and learning process

3)      The application about that project direct the student to investigate and the  participate in the group that procedure information.

4)      With the mediation of that project provides, teachers and students

-         Project dependent learning, cooperative learning by using internet and on-line system

-         It is thought to realize internet project with other schools

5)      Students and teachers who took in project with other schools become a member of global in internet by exceeding the border of classroom.

6)      Project dependent learning activities improved the students ability of using information  which acquired from different branches


1)      Another aim of World Link Programme is to  provide cultural interaction and understanding between the youth from different countries

2)      Our school which is also participated in this project  produce cooperation dependent project and it is also tries to improve common project with the other countries world link schools

To realize knowledge dealings and culture sharing are aimed in this project


1)      In the frame of this project world link project classes are constituted in our school.

2)      In this constituted world classes

-         it is provided that to students have opportunity to communicate with the other schools and students who are in this project

-         and in this way interactive learning method is improved

3)      the students who are in the world classes were divided into groups and they are studying a project which is about computer branches

4)      the project on which students are studying

-         Internet-Internet Terms

-         Frontpage, outlook, windows and office programs

-         Kinds of computer and equipments

-         Type of network systems

-         Antivirus Programmes

-         Database Programmes

This project are published our school’s web site and The Ministry Of Education’s web site

5)      For learning up to date of our school’s web site, our students shared duties between themselves. Our web site is published in Turkish and English by our students


In Short Terms

-         To make the students in our school use the internet efficiently

-         To inform the other schools in Çorum about that project

    In Medium Term

With the help of this project new projects will be shared by the schools in our own country and by the other participating 25 countries schools. By exchanging the informations about the project we will introduce our culture to other countries and know more about the different cultures

      In Long Term

1)      To reached the ideal student who isn’t contend with what is given but also likes investigating, questioning, producing and sharing

Today there is so little Turkish source in internet, by this project we try to form a library in internet to prevent that problem



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